9:05 Comparing the Performance of a discrete RF Signal Chain with an Integrated RF Transceiver

             Eamon Nash Analog Devices

9:20 Pulse Analysis using Vector Network Analyzers

             Mike Leffel Rohde & Schwarz

9:35 200W RF Power Amplifier Design using a Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer and Measured Load-Dependent X-Parameters

             Troels S. Nielsen, Michael Dieudonné  Agilent

9:50 Dynamic FET Model – DynaFET - for GaN and GaAs Transistors from NVNA Active Source Injection Measurements

             Jianjun Xu Agilent

 10:05 Keynote: How Digital Markets are Driving Microwave Technology

               Dr. Robert Shimon Agilent

 10:45 Implications of Emerging Technologies on Power Amplifier Manufacturing Test Speed

               Joan Gibson Agilent

11:00 ANSYS Designer with X Parameters

               Alain Michel, Amit Hochman Ansys

11:15 Making the Transition from AWR to Cadence Tools - A More Seamless & Efficient Flow for Mutual IC & PCB Customers

               Josh Moore, Nebabie Kebebew AWR

11:30 A Streamlined Design Flow Featuring AWR Microwave Office and Ansys HFSS

               Dustin Hoekstra, Larry Williams AWR

11:45 Design Verification of an IQ Wireless Transmitter using ADE-XL and SpectreRF

               Michael Womac Cadence

12:00 Analog Devices PLLs – More Than Just Frequency Locking    

               Robert Brennan Analog Devices

12:15 A complete 2.5 GSPS 12-Bit Sampling System (ADC, ADC Driver & Clocking)

         Rob Reeder Analog Devices

12:30 First-Pass Design Methodology for RF Modules

               Jack Sifri Agilent Eesof

12:45 Microwave to Bits Solutions for RF Detection

               Eamon Nash Analog Devices

13:00 New Technologies and Techniques for Wideband Analysis

               Richard Overdorf Agilent

13:15 External Components Further Enhance the Performance of Broadband Integrated Transceivers

               Eamon Nash Analog Devices

13:30 Advances in Load Pull Simulation

               Andy Howard Agilent

13:45 Analog Devices’ Tools ease the RF Design Process

               Balaji Kamakoti Analog Devices

14:00 Pinpointing and fixing EVM, BER, and ACPR Failures in RF Designs    

               Rulon VanDyke Agilent EEsof

14:15 Microlithic™ Mixers Shatter Previous Performance and Size Metrics over Conventional Balanced Mixers

               Christopher Marki, Ph.D. Marki Microwave

14:30 802.11ac: Increased Throughput, but How Much?

               Chris White National Instruments

14:45 NI-AWR Integrated Framework for WLAN 802.11ac

               Gent Paparisto AWR

15:00 GaN Doherty Amplifiers for Commercial and Military Applications

               Tom Kelly NXP

15:15 Flexible RF Stimulus/Response Validation of Emerging Communications Standards

               Murthy Upmaka, Andy Westwood Agilent EEsof

15:30 Anatomy of PXI

               Chris White National Instruments

15:45 Recent Improvement on Y-Factor Noise Figure Measurement Uncertainty

               Lam Chong Yik Agilent

16:00 New Noise Parameter Measurement, Extraction and Validation Techniques

               Gary Simpson Maury Microwave

16:15 Noise on Vcc - JV9000

               Murat Eron Noisecom

16:30 Streamlining Radio Communication Link Design from Specification to Production

               Joel Kirshman AWR

16:45 System Performance Verification of a Wireless Transmitter Design

               Nebabie Kebebew Cadence


9:05 Microwave Baluns are Now a Critical Component for Many Microwave Receivers and High Datarate Applications

           Doug Jorgesen, Ph.D., Vijay Kodwani Marki Microwave

9:20 Microwave Ceramic Filter for 5GHz Wireless Applications

            Ed Liang, Ph.D. MCV-Microwave

9:35 The Impact of Circuit Material Properties on Microwave PCB’s RF Heating Patterns

            John Coonrod Rogers

9:50 RADX: Integrated Direct Conversion Receiver for L-band, S-band Radar

            Jerrett Liner Analog Devices

10:05 Known Good Die for 100G Networks

              Frank Sauk Presto Engineering

10:20 Simplifying Microwave Power Amplifier Characterization using Power Meter & Sensors

              Chew Kah-Meng Agilent

10:35 High-Speed Impedance Tuning

               Gary Simpson Maury Microwave

10:50 Efficient Design of Highly Integrated Antenna Frontends using EMPIRE XPU

               Winfried Simon IMST

11:05 Comparison of Indoor Propagation Modeling of WiFi Coverage using Wireless InSite and Measurements

               Kyle Labowski Remcon, Inc.

11:20 Antenna Synthesis & Optimization - New Technology Automates the Design Process

               Derek S. Linden, PhD X5 Systems

11:35 Connectors to Antennas to Waveguide: User-Configurable and Parameterized 3D EM Model Libraries

               John Dunn AWR

12:00 Microwave Journal Panel Session: Path to 5G – Design and Test Challenges for the Future

               Roger Nichols Agilent

               Bob Buxton Anritsu

               James Kimery National Instuments

               Henrik Morkner MACOM

               Jeffrey L. Hesler VDI

               Eric Higha Strategy Analytics

               Moderator: Ted Rappaport NYU Wireless

               Organizers: Pat Hindle & David Vye Microwave Journal

13:00 Using FEST3D for the Design of Manifold Triplexers

               Dr. Carlos P. Vicente Quiles Aurora Software & ESA Aurorasat

13:15 55 Series -- Real-Time Power Analyzer Never Miss a Pulse

               Murat Eron Boonton

13:30 Envelope Tracking and Digital Pre-Distortion Test Solution for RF Amplifiers

               Lawrence Wilson Rohde & Schwarz

13:45 Impairment Calibration in Quadrature Systems

               Chris White National Instuments

14:00 500 MHz Analysis Bandwidth for Wideband Applications: Pulse and Hopping Analysis for Radar Signals

               Kay-Uwe Sander Rohde & Schwarz

14:15 Simulation of Airborne, Space-Borne and Ship-Based Radar Systems with Complex Environment

               Dingqing Lu Agilent EEsof

14:30 Different Methods for Capacitor Modelling in High-Frequency PCB-Based Diplexers

               Abdi Karbassi   National Instuments

14:45 Using Digitizers to Characterize Modern Phased Array Antennas

               Alex Dickson, David Savage Agilent

15:00 Advanced Distortion and Noise Analysis for RF Receiver Design

               Tawna Wilsey Cadence

15:15 Effectively Maintain and Troubleshoot Mission Critical Communication Systems in the Field

               Rolland Zhang Agilent

15:30 Enabling Optimized Performance and Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with Infineon mm-Wave Transceiver

               Rüddenklau Uwe Infineon

15:45 Measurement Challenges at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

               Dr. Chris Scholz Rohde & Schwarz

16:00 Wireless Infrastructure Preventative Maintenance using a VNA

               Ben Maxson Copper Mountain

16:15 Using a Vector Network Analyzer to Characterize Heterodyne NxM Products

               Eric Oseassen Electro Rent

16:30 Near Field Scanner Demonstrations for RF/MW Engineers

               Dr. Arturo Mediano, Ruska Patton EM Scan

16:45 Single-Channel Full-Duplex-Enabling RF Front End

               Charles Cox, Edward Ackerman Photonic Systems


9:05 Mixed-Signal Hybrid Load-Pull For High-Power Device Characterization

            Mauro Marchetti Anteverty

9:20 Interconnects Are Now Color-Coded

            Rusty Myers Maury Microwave

9:35 Passive intermodulation Measurement using VNA

            Volker Hermann Rohde & Schwarz

9:50 Measurement Advances for Differential and I/Q Devices

            David Ballo Agilent

10:05 500 MHz Analysis Bandwidth for Wideband Applications - Multicarrier Group Delay Measurement for Satellite Communication

               Kay-Uwe Sander Rohde & Schwarz

10:20 Fast, Accurate and Nondestructive Solutions of Materials Test up to 1.1 THz

               Ryoji Takizawa,Shelley Begley Agilent

10:35 RF Performance and Integration

               Larry Hawkins Analog Devices

10:50 Group Delay Measurement of a Satellite in Orbit

               Volker Hermann Rohde & Schwarz

11:05 Extend your 3D Electromagnetic Horizons with High Performance Computing

               Alain Michel ANSYS

11:20 Combining Planar and 3D EM Simulators for RF System Board Analysis

               John Dunn AWR

11:35 HFSS for 3D large RF Board Simulation

               Simon Vandenbrouck ANSYS

11:50 GPS, Glonass, Galileo Receiver Testing Using a GNSS Signal Simulator

               Lawrence Wilson Rohde & Schwarz

12:05 A Comparison of Various LDMOS Ruggedness Testing Procedures

               Leonard Pelletier Freescale Semiconductor

12:20 Simplicity in Digital Pre-Distortion

               Achilleas G. Kourtellis, Dr. Matthew Hunter LitePoint- Teradyne

12:35 USB Based RF Modules

               Paul Clark RFMW Telemakus LLC

12:50 Flexible Digital Modulation Testing for Satellite Regenerative Payloads

               Greg Jue Agilent

13:05 Power Amplifier Measurements using SpectreRF

               Sruba Seshadri Cadence

13:20 Phase Noise, Allan Variance, and Frequency Reference

               Antonio Castro Agilent

13:35 Multi-Port RF Testing

               James Berry Rohde & Schwarz

13:50 Radar Design Flow with NI-AWR Integrated Framework

               Takao Inoue, Ph.D. National Instruments

14:05 New Calibration Method Simplifies Measurements of Fixtured Devices

               Robert Schaefer, Shelley Begley Agilent

14:19 160 MHz Realtime Bandwidth for Spectrum Analyzers -- A Powerful Tool for Monitoring and R&D Applications

               Kay-Uwe Sander Rohde & Schwarz

14:33 Overview of 5G Technologies with an Introduction to the Tools Engineers are Using to Study Them

               Faris Alhorr, David Hall National Instruments

14:47 Memory Effect Enhancements for X-Parameter Models in ADS

               Radek Biernacki, Chad Gillease, Jan Verspecht Agilent Eesof