Vida Ilderem

Vice President, Intel Labs Director, Integrated Computing Research INTEL CORPORATION

 "How Data, Devices and Personalization are Fueling Demand for Innovation"

As the internet of things turns everything intelligent, as the massive amounts of data being generated becomes more democratized and as our interactions with devices and data becomes more personalized, the demand for innovation is occurring at a rapidly increasing pace. Industry and academia need to innovate faster than ever before to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated expectations of users. This talk will cover the required technology innovations for a digitized world where everything can be made intelligent and connected.

About the Keynote Speaker:

Vida Ilderem is vice president of Intel Labs and director of the Integrated Computing Research [ICR] for Intel Corporation. ICR explores the next revolution in computing with focus on new emerging platforms. The research vectors include breakthrough technology innovations for seamless connection, highly integrated small form factors, and enablement of Internet of Things. Prior to joining Intel in 2009, Vida served as vice president of Systems and Technology Research at Motorola's Applied Research and Technology Center. Vida holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has 27 issued patents.